How do we improve the Quality process?, Adelaide - Australia
Wednesday, 06/20/18 17:45 - 20:00
Heather Falckh is a business excellence specialist with more than 27 years' senior management experience in large and medium size organisations. She has worked in a variety of industries, more recently in Local and State Government.

Heather has a passion for facilitating groups, using continuous improvement techniques and helping people to manage change. She enjoys getting the best outcomes from people by helping them to work as a more effective team. Her experience also includes development of strategic plans and performance measures, project management and use of a variety of improvement tools and strategies. Heather enjoys developing others through training and coaching and is a regular conference speaker. Heather is an Australian Business Excellence Awards Evaluator and company secretary for Business Excellence Australia. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics and Graduate Certificate in Business Excellence.


We help to improve the quality of our organisation's processes, but how do we improve our own process? As quality practitioners, how can we:
- improve commitment by the Executive team?
-Engage people working in silos to look cross functionally?
- Create opportunities to embed a continuous improvement culture?

Heather Falckh will share insights from her Improvement by design 5 stage model, based on research and experience. Add your own experiences for a lively discussion on how Quality Practitioners can improve their effectiveness.